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The Meaning Behind Our Logo

So in my previous live stream I introduced myself to you all, But I haven't yet introduced and explained the Logo. So here goes with a little bit about our logo :)

The name came to us when we were sitting down brain-storming some ideas and of course it was easy to decide that our current three dogs be the Face of Bubbles & Bones. We have always had an assortment of pets but have never been with out our dogs. They are part of the family as all our fur babies are and are spoilt to no end.

Toby is our 12 year old Border Collie. He came from a working bloodline and has been on many adventures with us. He is a very lovable boy and has put up with our 2 kids growing up and being handled and "Trained" by them through the years. He is still very active however does feel it a little when the cold sets in after spending most of his life in Central Queensland.

Milly is 7 years old and is a mix breed of Chihuahua, Miniature Dachshund and Mini Fox Terrier. We got Milly whilst away on holidays as a travel dog to take away with us in our van. Milly loves going everywhere in the car and caravan with us and like most little dogs, She is the boss of the playground :) Milly has been a wonderful addition to the family and loves all of the affection she gets.

Mika is a 3 year old German Shepherd. She was bought for me as a Christmas present as I had always wanted one after growing up with this breed. Mika came into our lives at 8 weeks old and fitted straight into life with us and was adored by both Toby and Milly. Milly and Mika have become inseparable over the years and having a german shepherd grow up with a miniature dachshund has led her to be a little confused about her size. Especially when it comes to sitting on your lap for a cuddle. She is a very active dog and loves going for drives in the car and loves when she gets into the trailer for a bath. She laps up every bit of attention she can and at times i'm sure drives Toby crazy when he just wants to kick back and relax.

So there it is! The faces behind our logo and the drive and love behind my passion. I will never be without a dog as they truly are the most genuine friend you will ever have. They love you no matter what :)

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