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Do you Know how to clip your dogs nails?

Do you know how to clip ypur dog's nails?

A dogs nerve ending in their nails grows and shrinks based on how the nail is cut. When you look at a dogs nail you can sometimes see the nerve about a third back from the end point. If your dog isn't actively running on hard surfaces outside, their nail will grow and in turn the nerve will too. This becomes a huge problem if it isn't addressed. If this happens the nail can't just be cut off at a desired length as it damages the nerve and causes immense pain to the dog. The process required to shorten this is a long process. It requires trimming of the nails weekly, by only the slightest bit to allow the nerve to slowly shrink back a little further each time it is cut. So remember when your dogs nails are too long a groomer wont just cut them off, we will make sure that we trim them to ensure it doesn't hurt them or damage the nerve. This is another important part of a groomers service that is essential to ALL breeds and sizes and why we offer services to suit everyone.

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