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De-shedding a pet?!

With the current up and down with the weather, if you're anything like us our pets are spoilt and allowed inside BUT with this comes the unwanted extra hair on the couch, carpets or just everywhere.

Don't let this get you down contact me and ask about our de-shedding bath.

Yes that's right Mobile groomers can do a number of services that a lot of people aren't aware of. We don't only clip!!!!

A de-shedding wash uses speciality shampoos which helps release the loose hair and remove it from your home.

The de-shedding doesn't look to loose any coat but gets all the loose undercoat off the dog therefore minimising the constant shedding.

This works on short haired dogs, long haired dogs pretty well every breed. We use a special nozzle which helps get right through to the lower coat whilst giving your dog what they fell as a massage.

To find out anymore info or book in for this service please contact us here.

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