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Is your pooch unimpressed when it's time to rub-a-dub-dub?

Or do you have some questions about Pet Grooming in Gunnedah?

Let us answer them below...

We know that some pets may not be used to or comfortable with being groomed. Some can be quite cheeky or even hostile, or maybe they have fleas, hate their claws being touched or even just water in general. 


Trust us, we've seen it all and as a result, know how to handle any of our furry friends with care!

We've answered some of the most common questions about Pet Grooming below.


  • I want to get my puppy groomed to get them used to it, how old do they need to be?"
    As long as they have completed their full puppy vaccinations
  • My dog is very timid and scared; can you groom them?
    Most dogs we can, as we carry a large variety of items to help minimise the noise for the dog. The noise is the main thing that scares them. We assess the tolerance to noise for each dog and put steps in place to minimise any discomfort.
  • My dog has previously needed to be sedated when being groomed. Can you help?
    Most of the time we find dogs are sedated as it makes it easier to groom excitable dogs. We are more than happy to accommodate even the most excited and wiggly dog. We are happy to meet any dog prior to a groom to get a sense of their nature and build a relationship so we can make with the experience a positive one. We can then let you know what is safest.
  • My dog has fleas can I still get them groomed? And can you get rid of them?
    Yes, fleas are common and yes we can definitely help. We carry flea shampoo will kill off the live fleas, although you will still need a treatment applied afterwards to kill eggs etc and protect the dog from fleas that may be in their environment. We carry a range of these products with us and offer very competitive prices to help knock the flea cycle for six.
  • My dog has sensitive skin and allergies, can you accommodate?"
    The range of shampoos and conditioners we have allow for sensitive skin and all our products are specifically designed to best suit your pet's specific needs. This range allows us to not only work around fleas, skin issues and hot spots but also allows us to use the best product for your specific breeds, colours and fur type and bring out the best in your dog’s coat.
  • My dog hates their nails/feet being touched!
    This is common with nearly every dog. I believe dogs are very much like children and you just need to reassure them and work within their nature. We always do our best to make sure that the dog does not get too stressed even if this sometimes means stopping and having a small break outside before recommencing. We also have several different types of clippers which we choose based on the best type suited for each dog.
  • I live in an area that my dog gets mats and burrs. Can you work with this?
    As most of us find during the seasons we all tend to get burs etc in our pets’ coats. We will always try to remove these with our specialised tools before a bath and minimise the chance of having to clip them out.
  • My dog hates water! How can I get them bathed?
    This is a number one thing we hear, and we can always adapt. We find that most tolerate it quite well when we get them in the bath however if we find it upsets the dog too much, we also carry a dry shampoo to allow in the rare instance. Our custom-built trailer allows the dog to still see outside and not feel enclosed which we find helps a lot.
  • What areas do you cover?
    We're based out of Gunnedah but happily service the following areas: Gunnedah Boggabri Carroll Curlewis Mullaley

Have an unanswered question or still not feeling sure?

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